Resilience Paper Accepted to ISRCS 2013

03 July 2013

My paper with Alex Melin, Roger Kisner, David Fugate, and Jason Laska on foundational definitions was accepted at the International Symposium on Resilient Control Systems (ISRCS 2013). In the paper, we make rigorous the commonly accepted non-rigorous definition of a resilient system as one that maintains state awareness and and acceptable level of operational normalcy in response to disturbances including threats of an unexpected and malicious nature [1]. We do this by mathematically defining resilience in terms of state awareness and operational normalcy.

[1] C. G. Rieger, D. I. Gertman, and M. A. McQueen, "Resilient control systems: Next generation design research," in Conference on Human Systems Interactions, Idaho Falls, ID, May 2009, pp. 632–636.